When Kirsty first told us that she was planning on going to India for four weeks in May to complete her 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher training qualification we were SO EXCITED (and a little bit jealous!) Two months since her return to the UK, we are lucky that Kirsty is opening up her diary to us, and sharing her experience... This post will act as an introduction, but you will need to stay tuned over the next six weeks to see how her story unfolds. And now, over to Kirsty.


Do you remember those stories you wrote as a child, where the story was so wild that towards the end you would write that it was all just a dream? Well, today as I sit here on my sofa in my little terraced house back in my familiar surroundings of Stoke-on-Trent, that'...

At Love and Light Shala, we believe that YOU are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to. Seriously!

'So why haven't I achieved my goals so far?' you might be thinking...

Well, we are going to suggest that it may be because you need to surround yourself with the perfect team of empowering, encouraging and enthusiastic individuals to support you. No man in an island, and it takes a village and all the rest of the cliches... But really, cliches are cliches for a reason; they make sense, they are tried and true nuggets of wisdom passed down through generations.

So think; the last time you set a short-ish term goal that WASN'T achieved, who were you surrounded by?

They say that our energy is the average of the five main people...

I am Gabriella...

I am dedicated to motivating, inspiring and challenging my people to step into their true power and thrive within it.

I am committed to building and maintaining a heart-warming community, empty of judgement and full of compassion, acceptance, and positivity... A home in which every soul not only feels safe but crucially, celebrated.

I am a fierce feminist.

I am a champion of balance, focus and mindfulness.

I am a conductor of relaxation, peace and calm. I am also a conductor of confidence, passion and creativity.

I am a fierce advocate of me-time, radical self-care and only pouring from a full cup.

I am a single mama, and proud of it.

I am reducing my plastic, and animal produce intake, and carbon footprint every day.

I am doing my best...

"What can I get from a yoga workshop, that I can't get from a class?" We get asked this all the time and there are so many answers we almost don't know where to start... That said, our five favorite upgrades from a regular class include;

- More focused attention from the instructor (often resulting in personally tailored advice, hands-on adjustments and closer up views of demos!)

- A longer period of time to dedicate to your practice... Usually, classes last an hour whereas our workshops last anything from 1.5 hours up to six hour days... Juicy stuff.

- Specifically-themed practices eg. Working Towards Wheel, Mastering Manifesting, The Art of Self-Adjustments etc

- Deeper connection with our own bodies and breath! When we dedicate a longer period...

Can we believe that our first full year in business has passed? Absolutely not... and yet somehow, it has happened! We absolutely can't wait for all of the excitement that 2019 has to offer, but before we get stuck into that, we'd love to reflect on 2018. 

This year we have added some 'Shala Favorite Events' to our schedule, which we DEFINITELY plan on bringing back in the New Year... For example, we ran four healing Crystal Bowl and Chai workshops on April 6th, May 18th, August 25th and November 23rd, two nourishing Soul Food Breakfast Club mornings on March 18th and September 16th, and FIVE super-fun Family Yoga Playshala events on March 24th, April 28th, July 7th, October 27th and December 22nd.

We welcomed a whole host of Shala new...

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