At Love and Light Shala, we have a regular weekly class to suit your every need. All of our classes are beginner-appropriate, so it depends more on how dynamic or chilled you'd like your class to be... The best part is that if you want to chop and change your classes each week, each of our Memberships allow you to do this! 

Savasana in meditation class at Love and Light Shala Yoga Studio


Sleep Savasana - Our least physically active class, this session works with 'Yoga Nidra' (or 'yoga sleep'!)- style meditation... Participants lie on the ground by candlelight as our instructor talks you through a deep relaxation journey. This session is perfect for those suffering with insomnia, or who struggle to relax.



Yin Yourself by Candlelight - One step up from Sleepy Savasana, this class encourages students to spend a decent amount of time in each deep, juicy posture, in order to release the connective tissues of the body and the emotional, mental and physical traumas which may be trapped within. This is a deliciously healing class which works beautifully for those living with depression, PTSD and other mental health challenges.  



Reflect, Rest and Restore - This restorative yoga class incorporates mainly seated, lying or supine postures in gently-flowing sequences in order to relax the body and mind whilst recharging our energetic batteries. A reflective element ensures that the session inspires our lives off the mat as well as on... This class is recommended for over-achievers, people-pleasers and hard-workers!


Chill with QiGong - Often confused with Tai Chi, QiGong works with slow and flowing postures, exercises and breathing techniques in order to encourage the free-flow of energy and boost overall health, wellbeing and spirituality. This session is much-loved by those struggling with mobility or anxiety disorders. 


Healing Hatha - The ultimate foundational class for any budding yogi, this session teaches the basics of yoga 'asanas' (postures), 'pranayama' (breathing techniques) and 'dhyana' (meditation). This is a beautiful session for building flexibility, strengthening the body, and connecting with others.


Peace Pilates - A mindful approach to the popular system of Joseph Pilates' core exercises. Gentle but effective, this class helps to prevent and heal back pain, improve posture and soothe the mind. This class is also very much recommended for those dealing with pelvic floor issues.

Mandala in yoga class at Love and Light Shala Yoga Studio
Stretching in a pilates class at Love and Light Shala Pilates Studio


StralaChakras - Tara Stiles' New York style of yoga explores a different energy centre each week, working with the Eastern philosophy of chakra theory. This session inspires students to apply their movement on the mat to their lives off the mat... Depending on which chakra we are working with (it changes each week!) the session can be easy-going and flowing, or high-powered and intense. This class is perfect for those looking to break old patterns, habits and addictions. 


Ashtanga Awareness - Working through the ashtanga primary series, this class acts as a perfect follow on from Healing Hatha. The class works at a slightly faster pace, but includes group debate on yogic philosophy, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the Eight Limbs of Yoga. This class is recommended for those looking for a more challenging physical practice, but also for engagement of the mind.


Energize Yoga - This class does what it says on the tin! It uses vinyasa-flow yoga sequences, energizing breathing techniques and a killer playlist to help boost your vibes. This is the ideal class for those living with low-mood and poor motivation levels.


Ashtanga Mysore - This self-practice session is 'create your own adventure' so you can work as fast and hard or slow and gentle as you'd like... Either way, your muscles will thank you as will your mind! The primary ashtanga series is worked through at your own pace, and some of the more tricky postures are 'work-shopped' during the session. This class is often recommended for those looking to deepen their practice, and maybe pursue yoga teacher training in future.


PowerFlow - Working with a vinyasa-flow style of class, this session will help prepare the body for moving towards more advanced yoga postures, such as back-bends, arm-balances and splits. Working with strength, stamina and flexibility, the session is ideal for those wanting to step up their asana practice and have fun with some 'braver' postures.

Lunge stretch during yoga class at Love and Light Shala Yoga Studio
Forearm stand in yoga class at Love and Light Shala Yoga Studio


PiYo by Beachbody - A dynamic hybrid between yoga and Pilates, this class combines muscle-sculpting and core-firming exercises with a fun atmosphere. This class can help support students on their weight-loss journey, and acts as a brilliant alternative to 'no-pain-no-gain' styles of exercise. 


BarreTone - This one is a student favourite! It incorporates an upbeat, high-vibe playlist of party songs, with ballet-inspired cardiovascular strengthening movements. This class is great for those who like to sweat and enjoy a good party!


KundaDance - Maya Fiennes' unique fitness class brings in well-known kundalini kriya-themed exercises alongside uplifting mantras, in order to journey through the chakras, stimulate the nervous system and balance the energy centres. Not for the faint-of-heart, this class is the go-to for endorphin addicts and those who love a challenge.


Magic Mondays - Inspired by Hal Elrod's The Miracle Morning book, this early morning class follows a sequence of ten minutes of each yoga, meditation, journaling, discussion, reading and silence with the intention of setting ourselves up for the best possible week ahead. This class works well for those who like routine, are seeking productivity-boosting strategies and need something extra to motivate them on a Monday morning!

Weekend Wellness - This class allows our teachers to try out wellness-themed workshops that they'd like to launch at the Shala. Each week, our members vote on our online forum between three class options... These vary vastly but past examples include Thai Yoga Massage, Power Ballad Yoga, Mandala-Making, Shakti Dance, Mastering Meditation and more. This session is perfect for those who are looking to experiment with something new, and don't mind a total lucky dip!

Pilates exercise at Love and Light Shala Pilates Studio

We also run a whole host of short-term courses and one-off workshops to suit more niche groups (for example; Pregnancy Yoga, Mindfulness and Making, Parent and Baby Yoga, 'Colour Outside the Lines' Art Workshops, Family Yoga, 'Find Your Voice' Singing Workshops, Yoga for Seniors, Women's Moon Circles, 'Nourishment Not Punishment' Nutrition Seminars, Pilates for Pelvic Floor, Holistic Business Think-Tank, 'Live Your Yoga' Empowerment Coaching, Mindfulness for Anxiety and more!) so please click here for more details on what we have coming up in the near future.