A healthy staff is a happy staff, and the data proves it! Implementing a corporate wellness program which uses holistic techniques to support your staff with their mental, physical and emotional well-being can;

- Reduce staff sickness

- Prevent high labour turnover

- Boost team morale

- Increase productivity, creativity and concentration

- Make your business more attractive to your ideal job applicants

And so much more!

Having worked with the staff of numerous schools, prisons and commercial enterprises over the last four years, we are well-equipped to deliver a bespoke wellness package for your workforce. 

So whether you are looking for an ongoing Staff Wellbeing Program of classes at our Trentham studio, a 12-Week Welcome to Weight-Loss Course in your staff breakout room or a residential team-building retreat abroad, we would love to help. 

Contact Us to let us know what you are looking for.