Question: How much do classes cost?


Answer: Why not head over to our Packages & Prices page for more details? Don't hesitate to ask for more clarity if necessary.


Question: Which class would be right for me?


Answer: We have tonnes of yoga, pilates, dance, fitness and meditation classes available each week, and it is really important that we find something which suits your goals, your needs, and of course, your busy schedule! We have a Class Descriptions page so would recommend for you to go and check that out first and then our Schedule page. If you'd still like some support when it comes to making a decision on classes, we'd love to chat with you over the phone, so give us a call on 07527441898. Be sure to mention any medical conditions that you may be experiencing as we may need you to 'ok' your attendance to classes with a medical professional first. We also offer a collection of one-off Workshops, Courses and Events to suit individual needs, so be sure to go and check those out too. 


Question: I am pregnant... Can I come to classes at the Love and Light Shala yoga studio?


Answer: Firstly, congratulations! We would love to be a part of this beautiful experience, and you will be pleased to know that some of our teachers are specifically qualified in working with expectant mothers. If you regularly worked out or practised yoga before becoming pregnant, as long as your medical professional is happy for you to continue on, then we are too! If you lived a pretty sedentary life before becoming pregnant, we advise that you wait until your second trimester before getting involved with classes, and again, it is your responsibility to secure the approval of your midwife or doctor before coming to class. We regularly run Pregnancy Yoga courses and classes, but if you can't make it to one of these classes, you may still be able to attend our other classes, provided the teacher is qualified and happy to adapt the practice with you. In this case, we always recommend for you to come along to at least one Private 1-2-1 class before attending group sessions, so that you can become familiar with the practice, the teacher, and the modifications you may need to make throughout a group class. 

Question: I struggle for childcare... May I bring my child along to classes with me?


Answer: We love children at the Shala! However, most of our regular classes are not appropriate for children under the age of 14 to attend. That being said, we do run classes twice per week during which your child can engage with other activities in a separate room with other children under the supervision of our qualified Playshala club leaders. During these sessions, the activities can include everything from arts and crafts through to children's yoga, story-time through to board games, watching a movie through to free play and so on. We would ask that any children coming along to our Playshala club are toilet-trained and have been to the toilet before entering the space. If you'd like to practice yoga with your little one, we run Family Yoga Playshala events every other month which involve yoga stories, games and songs for the whole family to enjoy. We also run Mama and Babe Yoga courses throughout the year and you are welcome to bring babies and toddlers along to these sessions... during school holidays, you are also welcome to bring older children along to these sessions if necessary. 


Question: What should I bring to class with me?


Answer: Each of our classes have different recommendations of what to bring, but most of the time if you bring along a bottle of water, a blanket and a notepad and pen, you will usually be fine, as we have plenty of other bits and bobs that you can borrow if necessary. If you do have your own yoga mat, feel free to bring that along too. Anything additional that you should need would usually be communicated once your book into a class.


Question: What should I wear to class?


Answer: Our classes are all so different, so it often depends on what you have booked into... However, we usually recommend for you to wear comfortable clothing in layers so that you can regulate your temperature as the class wears on. If you might normally wear a sports-bra to exercise in, we'd recommend for you to wear this for our more dynamic sessions... For our more chilled sessions we'd advise for you to bring along a cosy jumper and thick socks.


Question: How do memberships work at Love and Light Shala?


Answer: We run three different memberships depending on how often you may want to come along to class... these are the most cost-effective ways to enjoy classes with us; they also support your practice in terms of accountability, consistency and progress. Each of these memberships operates on a 12-month agreement, although you can choose to cancel your membership at any time with a 3-month cancellation notice. In extenuating circumstances, the notice period can be shortened. For more details about our membership options, please give us a call on 07527441898 or head over to our Packages & Prices page.


Question: Do you have any discounts or offers available at the moment?


Answer: Please keep an eye on our Facebook or Instagram page for more details on any promotions we are currently running.


Question: Where is Love and Light Shala located?


Answer: Please check out our Directions page... if you need more support in finding us, do give us a call on 07527441898.


Question: I'd love to teach or offer my therapy at Love and Light Shala! How can I do this?