Covid-19 Policy (July 2020) 

The following guidelines are under continuous review, and reflect the guidance provided by the UK government, the NHS and WHO.


  1. All students and staff must stay at home if they are feeling unwell and for the fourteen days that follow (especially if the symptoms include a temperature, persistent cough, or other common symptoms associated with Covid-19). 

  2. If students or staff are tested and receive results stating that they have Covid-19, they must immediately contact Gabriella by calling 07527441898 (email info@loveandlightshala.com if there is no answer).

  3. If you have shared a class with a student or staff member who has been tested positive for Covid-19, you must self-isolate for the 14 days that follow. 

  4. All yoga classes will take place outdoors, unless the weather is poor in which case classes will take place indoors if permitted by UK government legislation, or will be cancelled if not.

  5. Class sizes will be limited to reflect UK government guidance on social distancing. This will ensure that students and staff never need to be closer together than 2m.

  6. Students and staff must stay a minimum of 2m apart from one-another at all times. This 2m distancing rule is supported with the placement of floor-markers inside the Shala. In-keeping with the 2m distancing guidelines. There will be no hands-on adjustments or assists offered until the UK social distancing guidelines are shifted. 

  7. Students, please arrive no earlier than five minutes before class is due to take place. Students must wait for class on the car park, appropriately socially distanced from one another until the teacher signals to enter. When class begins, the door will be locked.

  8. All students and staff must bring their own equipment and water bottles for class. Equipment, mugs and glasses will no longer be lent out by Love and Light Shala or its staff.

  9. All windows will be open during classes to ensure proper ventilation of the practice space.

  10. The use of masks during practice is discouraged as per WHO guidance. However, students are permitted to wear masks if they’d prefer, and staff are permitted to wear masks as long as their communication is still clear.

  11. Antibacterial hand sanitizer is provided at the door for use upon arrival and exit. Antibacterial soap and hand-towels are provided at all sinks and must be used following a toilet-visit, cough, sneeze, or face-touching for any reason. 

  12. The Shala toilet, kitchen, lounge area, practice space, and reception space high-touch surfaces (eg. door handles, taps, toilet flushes, toilet seats etc) are thoroughly cleaned between classes, with a deep clean taking place once per week.

  13. When entering the Shala, students must place their shoes to the left or right of the waiting area (depending on which area doesn’t currently have another student removing shoes) and then move carefully, whilst observing the 2m distancing, towards the empty floor-marker in the practice space closest to the front of the practice space. At this point, mats should be unrolled so that the front corners of the mat lines up with the floor-markers.

  14. Should a student wish to go to the toilet, or fill up their water bottle before or after class, they must wait until the toilet or kitchen area is completely vacant, before moving carefully, whilst observing the 2m distancing, to their destination and back again. 

  15. Upon exiting indoor classes, students must exit carefully, whilst observing the 2m distancing guidelines, from the back of the practice space first, directly towards their shoes before one-at-a-time exiting the building. In cases of personal emergency, students can of course exit the class at any time, whilst carefully observing the 2m distancing.

  16. Terms and conditions of packages, classes, courses, events, workshops, and similar apply.

Should you have any questions, concerns or suggestions around this policy, please contact info@loveandlightshala.com