Why You Should Attend a Yoga Workshop

"What can I get from a yoga workshop, that I can't get from a class?" We get asked this all the time and there are so many answers we almost don't know where to start... That said, our five favorite upgrades from a regular class include;

- More focused attention from the instructor (often resulting in personally tailored advice, hands-on adjustments and closer up views of demos!)

- A longer period of time to dedicate to your practice... Usually, classes last an hour whereas our workshops last anything from 1.5 hours up to six hour days... Juicy stuff.

- Specifically-themed practices eg. Working Towards Wheel, Mastering Manifesting, The Art of Self-Adjustments etc

- Deeper connection with our own bodies and breath! When we dedicate a longer period of time to be with ourselves, we take a deep-dive into self-study and give ourselves the TLC we deserve.

- Group atmosphere is a biggie! We often find that our workshop attendees become long-term friends, because community is built when so much transformation is happening

If you'd like to experience the above and more for yourself, why not come along to our next workshop? Check out what we have planned here.