Feel Good Fridays; Your Potential is Endless

At Love and Light Shala, we believe that YOU are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to. Seriously!

'So why haven't I achieved my goals so far?' you might be thinking...

Well, we are going to suggest that it may be because you need to surround yourself with the perfect team of empowering, encouraging and enthusiastic individuals to support you. No man in an island, and it takes a village and all the rest of the cliches... But really, cliches are cliches for a reason; they make sense, they are tried and true nuggets of wisdom passed down through generations.

So think; the last time you set a short-ish term goal that WASN'T achieved, who were you surrounded by?

They say that our energy is the average of the five main people we spend our time with, so who are yours? We know you love your friends and family (because they are awesome!) but they aren't necessarily the most experienced, knowledgeable and supportive when you tell them that you are going to lose weight, or start a business, or plan an adult gap-year abroad.


Our Thrive Tribe of membership is filled with happy, healthy, love-and-light-wealthy humans who are on track to create the lives of their dreams! Their bodies feel great, their bank balances are safe, their hearts sing on a day-to-day basis. They travel, they read, they learn, they work-out, they meditate, they create, they laugh, they love and they LIVE.

So if you are ready to start stepping into your own endless potential, these are the people you want to be surrounding yourself with (trust us!) We believe in you... Now, it is time you started believing in yourself!