Kirsty's Diary of Yogi in Training - Part 1

When Kirsty first told us that she was planning on going to India for four weeks in May to complete her 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher training qualification we were SO EXCITED (and a little bit jealous!) Two months since her return to the UK, we are lucky that Kirsty is opening up her diary to us, and sharing her experience... This post will act as an introduction, but you will need to stay tuned over the next six weeks to see how her story unfolds. And now, over to Kirsty.

*** Do you remember those stories you wrote as a child, where the story was so wild that towards the end you would write that it was all just a dream? Well, today as I sit here on my sofa in my little terraced house back in my familiar surroundings of Stoke-on-Trent, that's how I feel about my time in India... I have started back at work, and everything is back to normal and have to ask myself, “Did I imagine it all?”

This journey started all the way back in October last year. I was pacing around my bed on the phone to my friend and Shala founder, Gabriella. A few weeks before we had been speaking about the at-home yoga training I was enrolled in at the time and how I was no longer enjoying the process. I had been teaching group classes for over two years by this point and was still not a 'fully-qualified' yoga teacher.

Gabriella called me that sunny afternoon with an idea. “I’ve been thinking,” she said “I think you should just go to India and finish your training.” The pacing stopped. My whole body froze as my mind went into overdrive. 'Me? Go to India... yeah right! It's never going to happen.'

Fast-forward, and just a few months later after many conversations with friends, CBT therapy, support from family, my freelance diary covered for the month and the odd email between me and a man called Rakesh, I was sat at Manchester International Airport on Monday the 30th May on the phone to Gabriella, once again, this time as I was preparing to board a flight to India.

Now as I sit here, I want to reflect on that wonderful and strange time and I invite you to join my journey over the next few weeks. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed experiencing it.


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