7 Reasons I Love; Wheel Pose

1) It is a reminder of the importance of strong foundations... Without the fingers and toes spread wide and planted solid with knees and elbows tracking, this posture isn't half as steady as it should be.

2) Wheel counter-stretches the effects of hunching over my laptop, long journeys in my car, and carrying my baby boy... My body craves being opened up through the front and this posture delivers.

3) I find that after practicing I walk with much more confidence. The heart-opening effects of chakrasana last way beyond the end of the practice and the opening through the solar plexus, heart and throat chakras all at once get me feeling like Wonder Woman; 'I just took five breaths in wheel, I can take on the world!'

4) My thighs and glutes love the tone of working in tandem with my upper body to help me find that lift. A bit of burn is good.

5) I am not sure about you, but sometimes, my world NEEDS to be flipped upside down! It brings a whole new perspective to life.

6) Back-bending is the equivalent of getting a deep-tissue massage for me. It just feels so good afterwards.

7) It invokes good memories of playing on the school fields during my childhood, finding something I was good at in gymnastics and being told my heart was 'splitting open' in India when I shared that I loved the chest stretch!

If you love wheel pose too, or would like to learn how to approach it for the first time, why not join our awesome instructor Charlie for her Peak Pose Process; Working Towards Wheel this month? Beginners are totally welcome!