Peace in a Pandemic - Our Stance on Covid-19

As you’ll know, there is currently a lot of panic and uncertainty going on in the world, and whilst we are 100% compassionate to those needing to self-isolate we also want to be able to continue to support our local community with your overall health and wellness during this time. We aim to do this as guided by the CDC, UK government and local government.

This is to say that at this point, we do not have any intention to close our doors. However, we are taking a few extra measures to help all attendees to know that Love and Light Shala is a safe place to practice yoga, pilates, tai chi and more! Please read and respect the following;

- Please wash your hands thoroughly with the antibacterial soap provided upon arrival to class, before leaving the Shala and after each toilet visit.

- Continue to cough/sneeze/yawn etc into a tissue, throw the tissue into the bin and wash your hands thoroughly immediately afterwards.

- Please bring your own yoga equipment (including mats, blankets, cushions etc…) We have elected to take the measure to no longer lend out our equipment.

- Be sure to take your yoga equipment home with you at the end of each class.

- Bring your own mug or bottle for water or tea. Be sure to wash these yourself and take them home with you at the end of each class.

- Our teachers will no longer be offering hands-on adjustments during sessions… They may still move around the room and will continue to provide specialist verbal cues for you to apply to your practice.We will no longer teach partner work at the Shala during this time.

- Do not visit Love and Light Shala for a minimum of 7 days if you are experiencing symptoms of coronavirus, or 14 days if someone you share the home with has been experiencing symptoms. Make sure you are aware of the coronavirus symptoms, the people you have recently been in contact with, plus your own personal risk level. Then, trust your intuition and react accordingly.

- We will be limiting class sizes to just 12 attendees with immediate effect. This is to allow students to be the recommended two-metres apart from one another during practice. We will ensure this by laying class out in four rows of three students per row. Please look for the little stickers on the ground… Line the front left corner of your mat up with the sticker to ensure recommended distancing.

- Remember to ask for consent before engaging in physical contact with another Shala attendee. We love to see y’all hugging, or holding hands, or high-fiving, but during this time some members may be apprehensive about this kind of contact so please be respectful and accepting of anyone’s resistance to physical touch.

- Do not shame other Shala attendees or teachers for coughing, sneezing, clearing their throats etc… I know it sounds obvious, but sometimes humans that don’t have coronavirus need to do these things, and provided they are feeling otherwise healthy and well and do the usual CATCH IT, BIN IT, KILL IT routine, it is important that everyone feels comfortable, calm and welcome at the Shala.

- Provided you are healthy, well and have no reason to believe you may have contracted coronavirus, please continue booking and attending your classes.

It is likely that at some point over the next few weeks we will begin operating with a skeleton schedule; we will do our best when looking at this to ensure that there will still be at least one class taking place per day, and that there are classes at various times so that y’all will still have options.

We will also be starting to implement the recording of our workshop-quality classes to create a bank of sessions for our paying students to use at home with their families in the event that we experience a forced shut down or students choose to self-isolate. These will also benefit our students who may be needing to self-isolate during this time. We will do our best to ensure that the recording of these classes is non-invasive for in-person attendees and would still encourage you to physically attend as long as you feel well and it is legal to do so.

Please, keep in mind during this time that one of the number-one ways that we can stay healthy and well is to continue doing the things that keep us fit, soothe our minds and make us happy. For so many of us, that includes attending classes at the Shala; provided you are healthy, well, and low-risk, don’t allow mass hysteria to prevent you from showing up and enjoying your sessions. Always know that (as always!) our students’ and teachers’ physical, mental and emotional health and well-being are of paramount importance to us.

To finish, many of our team rely on teaching group classes for their living, so we wanted to say thank you so much once again for continuing to support our small-but-mighty, local, independent business, we will be hella-stronger by the end of it.

You’ve got this, and we’ve got you.

Love and light,

Gabriella x *Would you like to join us during this tricky time? Well, we'd love to have you! Book our Peace in a Pandemic package and enjoy one-week of unlimited access to our group classes for just £15... You can book this package as many times as you'd like during the Covid-19 crisis*