5 Things to Remember During the Coronavirus Lockdown

Life feels a little uncertain right now, doesn't it? I know. Across the media, the social networking, even the office break-room and local supermarkets we are being surrounded with fear, anxiety and panic. It is no wonder we have forgotten some of the following! But let’s take today as an opportunity to remind ourselves that during the coronavirus lockdown;

1. Lonely People Are Still Lonely

Everyone knows someone who is vulnerable, or elderly, or struggling with some kind of mental health challenge. Just like they did last month, before coronavirus was the beginning-middle-and-end of all conversations, these people still need you. They need you to collect their medicine, or order them a food shop, or give them a call to see how they are doing. Self-isolation is of course, in many cases, one of the best things we can do for our health, especially if we are high-risk, have been exposed to the virus, or are experiencing symptoms. However, for other people, self-isolation could quite literally be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Check in regularly with the people who you think may suffer the most through the lock down and make it your mission to go the extra mile for them as often as you can (without, of course, harming your own health or wellness).

2. The Oceans Filled With Plastic Is Still A Thing

The way people are buying-up produce wrapped in plastic suggests that Blue Planet and Greta Thunburg never existed! I know that our priorities have understandably shifted with the pandemic… But I am going to hazard a guess that the effects of climate change will far outlive the effects of coronavirus on the human race and our planet. Be just as mindful as you were when you first saw that video of the sea turtle with the straw stuck in its nose! It really isn’t too difficult… In most supermarkets, fresh fruit and veg are sold loose; take it home, cut it up, and freeze it, if you are worried about whether it will last. We are fortunate enough to live in a country where tap water is clean and healthy to drink, so don’t go buying a stock of plastic bottled soda. Choose cardboard-boxed freezer foods, rather than plastic-packaged ready meals. And put down the noodle, soup and sauce pots and switch them out for tins and jars.

3. Local Businesses Still Need You

If you know and love a local, independent, small business then PLEASE reach out to them and literally ask them how you can support them during this time. Businesses that have staff, rent or loans to repay in particular need your custom as much now as ever and although larger, multi-national businesses may be better equipped to deal with your orders more quickly or for a cheaper price, if you want to be able to shop in, or eat in, or practice in your favourite independently-owner shop, restaurant or studio once coronavirus has blown over, now is the time to support them as best you can. In fact, here at the Shala we'd love to have you along for sessions... Check out our Peace in a Pandemic offer which costs just £15 for a week of unlimited access to classes!

4. Your Body Still Craves What Makes It Healthy

At the supermarkets I am seeing people who think they are feeding the 5000 with crisps, biscuits and beer… Now, as novel as this lockdown feels, long term, we all need to realise that there is a pretty serious virus circulating right now and alongside practicing social distancing where necessary, the best way to prevent ourselves from catching it (or experiencing the worst strains) is to live as healthy a lifestyle as we possibly can. That means ALL OF THE THINGS that were healthy before coronavirus existed. Eat your fruits and veggies, drink clean water, get fresh air, exercise regularly, engage in mental and emotional health practices, stay connected with your loved ones and REST. Use this lockdown as an opportunity to retreat and bolster your nervous, digestive and immune systems!

5. Your Intuition Is Still Your Best Guide

In a time of uncertainty, we are CONSTANTLY looking to someone else to tell us what we should be doing, and how, and when, and so on. How many times today have you checked the news? How many times this week have you asked the advice of someone else? How many times this month have you second-guessed your own decisions? And I am WITH YOU because I have done the same, and rightly so… We are sailing uncharted waters right now, and the uncertainty is real. But let’s tune into ourselves, our bodies and our hearts. What does your body need right now? A walk in the fresh air? A nap? A meditation? A glass of water? A bit of support from a friend? Recognize it, acknowledge it, and let it be. Just, let it be.

If you feel there is anything we have missed in the post, please contribute to this discussion in the comments section below… We’d love to hear how you are evolving through this pandemic because as with everything, it is so important to learn from the experiences we are presented with. Sharing knowledge, experience and ideas is one of the ways we do that, so we look forward to hearing from y’all.

You’ve got this, and we’ve got you.

Love and light

Gabriella x